Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Breaking Through Online Clutter - Roadblocking

Expanding the online advertising market is the goal for advertisers and agencies...

What does this all mean?
Budgets – $60b-$80b by the end of the decade indicates a paradigm shift from traditional media to digital.
DR Vs. Branding – At least ½ will be spent on DR… but now a sizeable amount is dedicated to branding.
Clutter, Lots of Clutter – Bigger budgets means more competition. It’s going to be difficult to stand out and differentiate one brand from another.

So how do we break through the clutter?
Creative Creative – Good creative will always prevail
Creative Media – Put your creative in front of the correct audience
Premium media – Get greater reach with premium media spots
Roadblocking – Eliminate all distractions; own the page!

Breaking Through the Clutter - The ingredients of a Good Roadblock:

  • Product Release Proximity - High Impact
  • Short and Precise Time Window – Surgical strikes
  • Cross Media Buy – Own a page, section or site
  • Synchronized Creative Execution – 1 + 1 = 3; the sum is greater than its parts
  • Smooth Production Process – Seek a solution where both units can be proofed together
  • Real Time Monitoring – Time is the essence, Roadblocks often run only a day, making real time reporting critical

No Competition = No Clutter

Examples of good Roadblocks: